What we do

Our agile development process, along with our expertise in software engineering and usability, translates into high quality and easy-to-use software.

How do we work?
  • 1. Extract a main and general objective of the project.

  • 2. Identifies general guidelines to be followed and not to be lost sight of throughout the execution of the project

  • 3. We use an online management tool that helps us to implement this methodology.

  • 4. Identify each phase of your project and time each sprint.

  • 5. Plan and set each milestone or time when validations and changes are made.

  • 6. Invite the team (auditor) that will be part of the project to the online project.

  • 7. We plan the activities of the first phase and assign each one to the corresponding members.

  • 8. We add resources and sub-tasks in each activity.

  • 9. We set objectives in each activity, so as not to lose sight of these main lines.

  • 10. Kick-off meeting to inform everyone about the work and to start work.

    Link: Sinnaps https://www.sinnaps.com/ –  Fases Scrumban

Faster solutions

Our agile development process, turns a working prototype into a fully functioning, user friendly application.

Delegate to us or make us part of your team

We can take responsibility for your entire software development project or work as an extension of your team. Either way, we can be a great addition to your company by implementing our own development process or adapting to yours.